The Minnesota DNR Data Deli provides easy access to a wide variety of spatial data to the Minnesota GIS community at no cost, within the constraints of the Minnesota DNR General Data and Software License Agreement. It is provided as a public service, with the hope that it will promote more widespread application of GIS technology for the purposes of sound natural resource management, planning, and education.

Some system constraints are placed on users who are acquiring data. Data are available only in predefined extents (tiles). The system will not "clip" data to user-defined areas of interest. Data cannot be acquired in bundles greater than 1.5 Gb in size. Requests of over 20 Mb will be transferred to a background process, which will delay the actually data acquisition by several minutes (usually, 10 minutes or less).

This Version 2 of the popular data download site (originally launched in 1998) was designed and constructed by staff from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Management Information Services (MIS) Bureau. The web search interface is written using DHTML with system support functions provided by Perl scripts. The spatial display, query, and reporting functionality are provided by the University of Minnesota's MapServer software. On the average, the Data Deli distributes 1 Gb of spatial data per day.

The site exists as an integrated system of data storage, access, maintenance, documentation, and distribution. Data are stored in a variety of file formats, primarily ESRI Shapefiles and a variety of image formats, updated nightly to remain in sync with the department’s primary GIS data stores. Data layers are registered in the DNR GIS Data Dictionary, an active Oracle-based metadata repository that supports a variety of data access and distribution services within the department. This database is also used to generate formatted federal and state standard compliant metadata documents “on demand” using Java Server Pages (JSP) in support of the Data Deli application. The Data Deli is also a node in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

The DNR Data Deli design and development team includes: Steve Lime, Tom Hoyne, Tim Loesch, Robert Maki, Chris Pouliot, Mike Tronrud, and Hal Watson.

Additional developers contributing to the first Data Deli site included: Peter Pascale and Lynn Wadsworth

For additional information on the site or its contents, contact:

Steve Lime (Application Design/Development)
Data and Applications Manager
Minnesota DNR - MIS Bureau
500 Lafayette Road
Saint Paul, MN 55155
(651) 259-5473

Hal Watson (Data Content)
GIS Section Manager
Minnesota DNR - MIS Bureau
500 Lafayette Road
Saint Paul, MN 55155
(651) 259-5508

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